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Course Objective

This first module explores the essentials of wine knowledge. A brief history of wine is followed by what wine
is made from and where it grows best. The course then investigates the basic principles of wine making and
some of the key grape varieties used in South Africa. This is an online only module. The course can be started
any time and must be completed within 6 months.

This online module prepares students for South African & International Wine Level 2 on Campus.

Course Pre-requisites

Our courses are delivered in English, so a good oral and written understanding of the language is required
by candidates.


This course covers winemaking knowledge while looking at the techniques available to winemakers to
change or improve the finished wines. The students will learn notions of the main districts in South Africa
along with the key grape varieties grown. Candidates will be exposed to a variety of wines styles during the
course to gain a greater understanding of how variety, climate and winemaking can alter the outcome. At
the end of the course, students will be competent with a basic knowledge of the key South African wines,
districts and grape varieties.


At the end of the course, a 30-minute online exam will validate the competencies of the students. Your
certificate can be printed online if successful. South African Wine Level 1 Certificate is the first step toward
career opportunities within the South African wine trade and hospitality.

Successful candidates can collect a South African Wine Level 1 pin at our Cape Town office to proudly display
their achievement in the workplace. Alternatively, we are able to courier the pin at an additional fee
depending on your location.

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