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What Our Students Have to Say

As a sommelier at one of the best hotels in Cape Town, Sommeliers Academy was the foundation on which I built my career. I have done numerous courses under the Sommeliers Academy and would highly recommend them for anyone getting into the wine service industry.
Alvezo Abrahams
Sommelier, Cape Town
I was privileged to study with Sommeliers Academy after being awarded the Best Wine Steward of 2019 at the Distell Inter Hotel Challenge. They welcome you with open arms and equip you with all the required study material and confidence to succeed, the Sommeliers Academy team are the best.
Lovejoy Neshamba
Best Wine Steward of 2019
Stepping into the sommelier world for the first time in my career, my experience with Sommelier Academy was phenomenal. It was a real eye opener to a whole new world which teaches you to broaden your mind as to what is out there, and what the role of a sommelier is all about.
Samantha Swartz